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Enviroplas customized resin solutions are ideal for automotive interior and exterior components.

These environmentally safe and economically sound solutions - Polycarbonate, ABS and PC/ABS materials - are deployed in automotive applications such as interior consoles and arm rests instrument panels, bumpers and trim used in some of the most advanced vehicles systems in the world.

Our experienced and dedicated teams of engineers understand our customers’ industries and work with them to develop products that can help mold their future.

Enviroplas is more than a resin manufacturer. We are an engineering resin solutions company.

From custom solutions that help reduce weight, improve performance, reduce waste or help with recycle initiatives, the Enviroplas Automotive team offers resins with functionality, consistency and cost efficiencies to help Automotive OEMs and molders make a difference.

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These resin solutions are specially designed and tailored to fit individual businesses varied needs.

In fact, 90% of what we produce are customized formulas designed to help solve often complicated engineering problems. Whether it is custom colors, flame retardant glass and mineral fillers, mold release, or enhanced flow, UV stabilization, Enviroplas engineers can work closely with your team to develop the best specifications to suite your needs.
Our reputation is built on performance. Our relationships are built on trust.

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