Our Location

Enviroplas, Inc.15220 Foundation Ave
Evansville, IN 47725

Our Value Proposition

We are a company that helps our customers find solutions. We help customers create their future with material selections, customizing formulas for their processing needs, and finding ways to help them keep business and get more business.

Our Past and Future

Our company was started in 1993, in Houston, Texas as a thermoplastic resin distributor with one employee, our founder Jim Stratman. Today, we are nearly 50 employees strong with around-the-clock operations. We plan to continuing our growth over the next decade, nationally and internationally.


Where do you obtain resin feedstocks or raw
materials ?

Enviroplas has created relationships with prime producer – domestic and overseas – resin companies for its feedstock supply. These unique relationships afford us the opportunity to utilize only the finest raw material feedstock in the industry to produce our product line. This sets us apart from our primary competition in the custom compounding industry.

In addition, Enviroplas utilizes open-market purchasing of recycled-resin feed-streams for those manufacturers requiring recycled and green products.

Do you provide lot certifications and a Quality guarantee ?

Enviroplas has built a reputation as the company to call when you need high quality resin backed by our Quality guarantee. Enviroplas is committed to producing only the highest quality products.

We consistently perform acceptance testing on all incoming raw material feedstock, work in process material, and finished goods inventories. Our Quality control team ensures that lot certification data accompanies every shipment.

Enviroplas stands behind every pound of pellet shipped.

Do you have UL listed products?

Enviroplas works closely with UL here in the US and abroad for testing, research & development, and certifications. We will UL list an Enviroplas custom developed formula for your company and application as required. Talk to one of our engineers today, to see how we can help you with your UL requirements.

Click here for a listing of our UL certified products.

Where can I find data sheets?

You can contact us at info@enviroplas.com or 812.868.0808 and request a data sheet today. Some of our general purpose grade data sheets are available on UL Ides

What are your shipping capabilities ?

We ship around the world and can get Enviroplas material to your desired location in bulk truck, 1500 LB (680kg) octabins, or 50 LB (22 kg) boxes. Contact one of our Business Development team members to assist you at info@enviroplas.com

What are your core product offerings?

We produce custom solutions of prime equivalents and recycled products to deliver high quality resins matched to your critical specifications.

Our products include:

  • Polycarbonate
  • PC Alloys (PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/ASA)
  • PBT
  • ASA
  • ABS
  • PEI

Learn more about our product portfolio

Is Enviroplas ISO 9001?

Enviroplas has engrained Quality in our culture and our philosophies. We manage formulations, feedstock supply, and the manufacturing process to produce products to specific targets committing to our Quality policy to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

Enviroplas’ management system incorporates the key elements of ISO-9001 (standard quality management system).

Click here for a copy of our current ISO-9001 registration

Do you have Research & Development capabilities?

Enviroplas has cultivated an environment of research and innovation and has assembled an R&D team that combined exceeds 200 years of plastics engineering experience. Many of the members have over 30 years of expertise. Our Research & Development capabilities go beyond our walls and include nearly 25 years of partnerships with polymer science labs and universities.

Our R&D team is available to you and your company. We work closely with our customers to ensure that research and development are driven by what is needed in their industry and application.

You can contact us at info@enviroplas.com or 812.868.0808 to deploy our R&D team today.

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