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Your customers demand the best consumer experience when using your products. From baby seats and power tools to pet care and hunting equipment, your products are your livelihood, and we can help.

Enviroplas can assist consumer good manufacturers with product design and material selections to help you build safe, attractive, and reliable products.


Our Polycarbonate PC/PBT, PC/ABS, unfilled and glass/mineral filled materials are utilized in consumer products around the world. If you require strength, durability, and custom colors, we can help.

ENVIROPLAS resin has been the material of choice for custom polycarbonates and all polycarbonate alloys since 1993.

With custom solutions designed to improve durability, performance, and appearance or help with recycle initiatives, Enviroplas Consumer Good experts offer resins with functionality, consistency, and cost efficiencies to help OEMs and molders drive more sales.

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