industries servedLighting and electrical

Illuminate the future for your company with the help of Enviroplas. Our team of dedicated and experienced experts produces innovative solutions for the lighting and electrical industries with custom Polycarbonate and PC/ABS materials.

With custom designed solutions to help improve light transmission, heat resistance, UV stability, UL requirements, reduce waste, or help with recycle initiatives, Enviroplas Lighting and Electrical team offers resins with functionality, consistency, and cost efficiencies that will light up OEMs and molders.

ENVIROPLAS resin has been the material of choice for custom polycarbonates and polycarbonate alloys since 1993.


Outdoor and Indoor Emergency Lighting

Quality emergency lighting saves lives and property...let us help you with custom color, performing resins.


Transportation & Traffic Lighting

Advanced optical, electrical and thermal properties...let us help you build a world class signal today.


Consumer Products

Flashlights to home lighting, exceed your vision...we can help.


Solar Lighting & Energy

The ultimate in green initiatives, solar lighting and solar energy products...let us help you with material selections for your environmental solution.


Power Meters

Today's smart metering devices demand quality and reliability...we can help.



Sense the world around you, motion tracking to gas sensors, precision and performance...let our engineers help you.

Enviroplas is more than a resin compounder. We are an engineering resin solutions company.

Our reputation is built on performance. Our relationships are built on trust.

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