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Over the past two decades Enviroplas has established a reputation for innovation, product safety, and effectiveness in medical and dental devices.

Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers help you by developing technically advanced materials to meet the critical design, manufacturing and end-use performance parameters of a variety of medical devices and dental applications.

This includes Polycarbonate, ABS, and PC/ABS materials that are often utilized in applications like dental equipment, monitoring equipment and medical dispensers.

Enviroplas is more than a resin compounder. We are an engineering resin solutions company.

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Enviroplas works with prime producers (domestic and offshore) to develop feedstock supply for our custom solutions to deliver high quality resins matched to your critical specifications, at a competitive price.

With custom solutions to help ensure superior and precision performance, the Enviroplas Medical and Dental team offers resins with excellence in quality, safety, and reliability to help OEMs and molders advance health care.


Monitoring Equipment

The world's patient monitoring is evolving...let us help you evolve your material selection.


Medical Beds and Patient Handling Systems

Weight reduction and ergonomic designs of patient handling equipment puts tough requirements on materials to perform...let us help you.


Dental Equipment and Chairs

Dental Chairs, Delivery Systems, Monitor Mounts, Small Equipment, and Dental Cabinets...let us help you.



Cost-effective, custom formulated solutions that address customer specific requirements for various medical sensor applications...let us help you.


Medical Equipment Housings

Extreme impact resistance, chemical resistance, and quality. Medical equipment requires materials that perform...let us help you.


Carts and Healthcare Storage

Medical device carts, accessory and auxiliary carts, drawer carts, and storage solutions ...let us help you with material selection.


Dental & Medical Lighting

Light transmission, heat resistance, UL requirements...let us help you.



Mobile, wall-mounted, small or large clincial workstations require functionality, light weight, and customization ...let us help you.

Our reputation is built on performance. Our relationships are built on trust.

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