Mark Gustin Joins Enviroplas

Mark Gustin, Enviroplas sales manager

Mark Gustin has joined Enviroplas as a Sales Manager.

The plastics industry is in my blood. I grew up in a family injection molding business. After graduating from Towson University in Maryland with a business administration degree and an inborn understanding of thermoplastics, I wanted to broaden my knowledge in sales. My sales career began with a small plastics compounding and distribution company, Amco Plastics, headquartered in Long Island, New York. Amco wanted to expand its presence in the Mid-Atlantic States, so I spent four years as a road warrior selling plastic pellets.

Having been successful in expanding Amco’s presence, I was promoted and relocated to Long Island in serving as vice president of sales for 15 years. Working for a small company always requires wearing a number of hats. I learned a great deal about the plastic resin business and developed a passion for compounding while having the privilege to work for Amco.

I love being able compound plastics to meet specific thermoplastic application needs.

In 2010, Amco was purchased by Ravago, a distribution, resale, compounding and recycling service for plastic raw materials where I continued to gain even more experience and exposure to the plastics industry. I continued to work with Amco in sales, sales management, application development, and compounding product management until 2021 when I was offered the opportunity to work with one of the most innovative and imaginative resin compounding development and manufacturing companies in the business, Enviroplas.

Working for Enviroplas is a chance to expand my passion for plastic compounding with an amazing group of people who have the talent, experience, and enthusiasm to solve thermoplastic material and manufacturing challenges.

Mark’s vision and focus will be critical in solving customers’ challenges through innovative technologies and creative supply solutions.

Contact me, Mark Gustin, to develop a custom compound for your thermoplastic application.

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