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Enviroplas is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has a fully-equipped Quality Assurance and Material Testing laboratory. The laboratories capabilities of a wide range of physical property testing along with its highly trained and skilled technical staff play a major role by monitoring and maintaining a continual focus on outputting compliant, high quality products.


Our production and product development activities are supported by injection molding equipment capable of providing test specimens for a very wide range of mechanical and analytical test methods, each of which helps ensure end use product performance. Our small compounding lines for product development and sample preparation can be quickly utilized to meet customer demands for engineered solutions to very unique or every-day challenges.

Over the years Enviroplas has developed relationships with testing laboratories, universities, and institutions world-wide for specialized analytical or performance testing as required by our customers. We also use these outside facilities to help define the scope of our product’s capabilities.


We do not hesitate to take any action or call upon any level of expertise to ultimately provide customer satisfaction. Likewise, we are very fortunate to be supported by highly informed resin and additive suppliers whose expertise can be called upon for product and process improvement or innovative product development.

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