our manufacturing operations

The Enviroplas manufacturing plant is at the heart of our operations. It is here that we manufacture customized materials designed to meet highly specific performance criteria. Our goal with each customer program is to develop and manufacture the best performing, most uniform product at the lowest possible cost for every application.


To achieve this goal, we customize our product formulations and our manufacturing process to accept innovative, new materials as they may be required.

Utilizing both single screw and twin screw technology to optimize product quality and consistency, our production lines are versatile for rapid change-over and flexible to handle complex material blends and alloys.

Enviroplas is more than a resin manufacturer. We are an engineering resin solutions company.


How it Works

Enviroplas has developed proprietary and patented screw and die head designs to ensure optimal dispersion and alloy compounding.

By utilizing blending silos for both pre-production blending and post-production blending to ensure product consistency (both color and physical properties), Enviroplas is able to produce the lot-to-lot and within-lot consistency that is equivalent to prime-producer materials.

Talk to one of our engineers today.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in processing and materials allows us to quickly develop the compound best suited for your performance and cost requirements. We want our full-service manufacturing operation to begin serving you at the very moment we meet you.

Enviroplas engineers can assist with a new product idea, replacing a currently used material, or solving issues you may have with current material (including processing, part performance, lot-to-lot consistency and more).

Our reputation is built on performance. Our relationships are built on trust.

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