ENVIROPLASenviroplas® polycarbonate

Polycarbonate (PC) has been Enviroplas’ foundation product offering since our inception. Since 1993 we have exercised the highest levels of innovation and resources around PC to ensure it as a constant catalyst for our business growth.

Enviroplas is a global provider of polycarbonate resins customized for the Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion and Rotomolding industries.

Today, our company is recognized as our industry’s technology leader for compounded polycarbonate and polycarbonate related products.

The Polycarbonate resin family was developed in 1953 when both Bayer and GE chemists invented the amorphous resin within one week of each other. While polycarbonate resins were initially developed for electronic components, it quickly received attention beyound this scope due to its performance and processing durabilty and today is a resin of choice for many applications.

When you think Polycarbonate, think:

  • Outstanding impact strength
  • Excellent weathering and colorability
  • Excellent heat resistance with good eletrical and thermal properties
  • Low-temperature toughness
  • Optical clarity
  • Superior dimensional stability

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Enviroplas Polycarbonate can be formulated to accommadte a number of applications:

  • Point–of–Purchase Displays / Vending
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Small Appliance and Housewares
  • Optical

Enviroplas Polycarbonate product family includes a portfolio of products poised to accommodate highly specific performance criteria and include:

  • Custom Color
  • Flame Retardants (both non-halogenated and brominated)
  • Filled (specialized fillers, mineral, and glass)
  • UV Stabliized for outdoor weatherable applications
  • Wide range of viscosities
  • FDA and NSF compliant products
  • REACH compliant,
  • UL listed
  • Environmentally-friendly products
  • Recycle Products

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