ENVIROPLAS® PC (polycarbonate)

ENVIROPLAS ® PC (polycarbonate) compounds are amorphous, thermoplastics possessing outstanding impact strength, excellent colorability, and superior heat resistance with good electrical and thermal properties, low- temperature toughness, and superior dimensional stability. They can be provided unfilled or filled with specialized fillers, mineral, or fiberglass reinforcement. There are available flame retardant grades (both non-halogenated and brominated), a wide range of melt viscosities, recyclable PC content and UV (ultra-violet) stabilized grades for outdoor weatherable applications.

ENVIROPLAS® Offers Cutting Edge Polycarbonate Compound Solutions

Each new ENVIROPLAS® PC compound starts with a comprehensive review of your application. Our below featured grades are only a snapshot of our vast portfolio of PC compounds. Contact ENVIROPLAS® to engineer, test, manufacture and deliver a custom PC compound that exceed your expectations. You can trust an engineered Enviroplas thermoplastic compound to outperform comparable industry brands, backed with our Pellet Promise.


Contact Enviroplas to create a custom
polymer compound for your application.

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