ENVIROSUN® PC/ASA (polycarbonate/acrylonitrile styrene acrylic) 

ENVIROSUN® PC/ABS (polycarbonate/ acrylonitrile styrene acrylic) compounds are the result of alloying these two amorphous thermoplastics to take advantage of the polycarbonate’s toughness and the UV and moisture resistance of the terpolymer ASA. ENVIROSUN® PC/ASA compounds can provide impact strength, heat resistance, colorability, very good aesthetics, and excellent weatherability. They can be provided unfilled or filled with specialized fillers, mineral, or fiberglass reinforcement. There are available flame retardant grades (non-halogenated and brominated), a range of melt viscosities dependent on the application’s needs. 

ENVIROSUN® Offers Cutting Edge Polycarbonate/ASA Compound Solutions

Each new ENVIROSUN® PC/ASA compound starts with a comprehensive review of your application. Our below featured grades are only a snapshot of our portfolio of PC/ASA compounds. Contact ENVIROPLAS® to engineer, test, manufacture and deliver a custom ENVIROLOY® compound that exceed your expectations. You can trust an engineered ENVIROPLAS® thermoplastic compound to outperform comparable industry brands, backed with our Pellet Promise.


Contact Enviroplas to create a custom
polymer compound for your application.

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