ENVIROPLAS® Engineered Resins

Our proprietary ENVIROPLAS® engineered polymers are the foundation of hundreds of custom resin compounds that we develop with innovation and imagination exclusively for our partners. These are a sampling of our featured products. 

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Let Enviroplas Put You In The Driver’s Seat

Often a thermoplastic resin is specified, procured, and processed with a mass-produced, brand-name polymer as the default option (“It’s on the print!”). But what happens when the specified tendered material is not performing as expected, not readily available, or not cost-effective?

Let Enviroplas put you in the driver’s seat. From automotive parts to medical devices, we can re-engineer your current resin or formulate a new specialty, high performance resin, to transform the physical, mechanical, and aesthetic characteristics specific to your application.

We then meticulously test and sample your compound before manufacturing the final pellets. Before, during and after production, your bulk product is subject to rigorous quality control measures, packaged and shipped responsibly to avoid waste and contamination in a fully controlled environment.

Batch to batch, lot to lot, your custom compound is backed with our Pellet Promise

The advantage of an Enviroplas compound developed specifically for your application is that it’s yours.  This means that you have control over the formula and the behavior of your resin compound supported with a team of Enviroplas engineers and manufacturing experts. You’ll know that with reorders, batch to batch, lot to lot, shot to shot, your custom formulation will be consistent and reliable, backed with our Pellet Promise.

Developing something from nothing or engineering an existing polymer into a compound that is uniquely yours is our expertise. Our Enviroplas engineers have the depth and the breadth of thermoplastic industry science and the art of polymer chemistry experience (over 400 combined years) to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to make it right.

Morphing ingredients with innovation through imagination into a special thermoplastic polymer compound is what we love to do.

Keith Dame,
Research & Development Manager

ENVIROPLAS® selects from thousands of additives, colorants, modifiers, fillers, and reinforcing agents to engineer a customized compound for your specific thermoplastic application. Such as;

  • Anti-oxidants to inhibit oxidation, helping reduce thermal degradation and discoloration
  • UV stabilizers to prevent indoor or outdoor ultraviolet light degradation   
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement to greatly increase rigidity and electrical conductivity
  • Additives that can enhance or reduce electrical conductivity or other electrical properties
  • Custom dyes, pigments and special effect colorants for even the most diverse color palette
  • Flame retardant additives to reduce or prevent flammability and/or smoke generation
  • Fiberglass reinforcement to improve toughness, stiffness, heat resistance/dissipation,
  • Impact modifiers that improve flexibility as well as resistance to impact
  • Lubricants that provide mold release, help reduce cycle times or improve part fill
  • Specialty lubricants to reduce friction and improve wear resistance
  • Mineral additives that increase stiffness and heat resistance/dissipation, reduce shrinkage, improve dimensional stability/reduce warpage
  • Gloss modifiers to either enhance or reduce the surface gloss of molded parts
  • Anti-microbial additives to help prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungal growth
  • Anti-counterfeiting additives to provide product authentication-validity of source

Contact Enviroplas to create a custom
polymer compound for your application.

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