Why choose Enviroplas to engineer your thermoplastic polymer compound?
You get us!

Enviroplas polymer compounds are created by people who get a kick from solving your thermoplastic process challenges. Our resin compounds are fortified with ingredients to make your plastic part strong, durable, colorful, and stable. Enviroplas employs people with solid backgrounds in polymer chemistry, a sense of humor, a passion to serve, a strong work ethic, and a never-say-never attitude.

Entrepreneurially independent with the freedom to explore new ideas with imagination and innovation, Enviroplas is flexible, nimble, and swift. Our teams have the power to mobilize and change production schedules immediately to accommodate your deadlines, which you’ll find very refreshing.

Who we are

Our obsession to solve problems – our resolve to do what is right – our passion for perfection – and the thrill of achieving the unachievable, is what makes Enviroplas different. It’s been said that we “think outside of the box”, and we say, “We have no box!”

Check out our capabilities, who we serve, and how we operate. 

Jim Stratman
Jim Stratman, Founder & CEO

We listen and learn from you

Early in the design phase, our engineers listen and learn about every aspect of the thermoplastic product’s journey: its design, utility, color, durability, UV resistance, aesthetics, sustainability, regulatory requirements, cost capture, and additional options that may not have been considered.

By exploring these criteria and challenges together, we can discover opportunities and solutions early in the product development phase to avoid time consuming and costly mistakes down the line.

Enviroplas can engineer the right resin, whether it’s a premium, custom compound or an equivalent commodity replacement, and even exceed what you thought may not be possible.

Meet Our World-Class Team

Darren Spinks – Production Technician

Darren started with Enviroplas as a high school intern and decided to work for us full time after graduating. He’s been a valuable team member for four years now. With his dad being in the plastics industry for over 25 years, Darren found himself drawn to what we do. He loves to see the products that our material helps create. We’re excited to have Darren as a part of our world class team!

World-Class Client Service 

When you do business with Enviroplas, we surround you with world-class customer service to engineer, create, manufacture, and deliver a tailor-made compound for your thermoplastic application. We leave no pellet left unturned.

The eyes, ears, and voice of our customers

You not only get us, the entire Enviroplas team, you get world-class customer service led by Jane, Amanda, and Ginger. Enviroplas has world-class service is a phrase we hear often from our clients, and we are humbly proud of it. 

Jane Coleman
Amanda Coleman

When your application is on the move through our company, our client team serves as your eyes, ears, and voice as if you were on site every day.

Through daily and even minute-by-minute vigilance, you will know what stage your project is in as we communicate its progress with you. One secret to our client service success is that we believe in treating our “internal customers” – the people we work with each day – with the same respect we show our clients. The spirit of working together creates a collaborative culture which is why our client service is truly world-class.

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